One of the best jobs for me as artistic director is to source ‘the strange and the wonderful’, then convince those bizarre bedfellows to come and play at Lavender + Bone.

As a fledgling business you’re up against ‘it’, and ‘it’ can occasionally be a pain in the arse. ‘Butt’ if I truly love you, I’ll persist and like the proverbial bad penny will keep popping up and saying:

“Hey 👋🏻, you know you want to...am I right?”

I’d admired Studio Arhoj for a while and are the proud ‘Human to belong to many of their Ghosties’. Yes, Studio Arhoj Ghosts own YOU. They creep inside, steal your heart and then your soul (that is if you haven’t already traded that for a lifetime supply of Viz comics).

So you understand I really couldn’t contain my excitement when they finally said YES! 

OMG (Oh My Ghost!)

So here they are in all their lovely, strange, technicolor glory. Please welcome, Studio Arhoj. Shop Arhoj Now.

Esther BeerStudio Arhoj