'Potty Time' - Carla Pownall Ceramics

I need to confess...
Whereas some people have a thing for shoes + handbags, for me it’s bowls, chairs + bizarre ‘design-led’ bits.

Alas, we’re at the ‘intervention stage’. I’ve been banned from bringing any more chairs in to the home, I can’t sneak them in as easily as the white Eames House Bird who sits quietly on the sitting room mantle piece alongside its black counterpart, or our collection of Carla Pownall stoneware which is gradually growing in the crockery cupboard.

But back to bowls..

I first met our ceramicist, Carla Pownall, at a local gallery event + I was smitten!
Although Carla’s Stoneware and Raku work spoke for itself, when you added in her enthusiasm for her craft, unassuming, warm personality + talent for hugging, we knew we’d found our ‘potter’.
Carla’s pieces are carefully considered + well made. As Carla is consistent in her use of a particular glaze, an eclectic mix of pieces has an essence of uniformity, and soon becomes a treasured collection. 

I remember Carla telling me that she has always valued being able to make crockery for her (large) family, “break a cup and I send one of my [four] kids down to the Studio to choose a replacement”.
Pieces have affectionate names such as ‘Nan’s Cup’ and ‘Sally’s Spoon’.
Carla is as popular with our customers as she is with us - her aim to make ‘affordable pieces’ is important to her practice, as she states, “I wanted nice, handmade pieces but couldn’t always afford them, so I made my own”.

As in the Pownall household, here at L+B Basecamp, we all have our favourite piece + we love getting out our fine assortment of bowls when guests come round!


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