It's Alive!


Well hello friend + welcome to our Ecom creation – ‘it’s alive’ - Mwah ha haa!

As you are here, it’s likely you’ve successfully navigated our little online ‘looniverse’ + stumbled over ‘Our Vision’ + pondered awhile over pretty pictures of lovely stuff!

Well, this is simply a brief blog to set the tone + at times purposefully lower it + say a few thanks!

For a small independent business we have BIG ideas + strong values.  It’s important to us that you know these values so let us introduce you to …

Honest, Transparent + Fair

We will always be honest, transparent + fair in our dealings and remain approachable, friendly + supportive, it’s our belief that business doesn’t have to be any other way.

Personal + Caring

It’s imperative to us that L+B maintains the ‘personal touch’. We are a caring business who aim to be as open + eco-friendly as possible whilst taking our ethical responsibilities seriously. We will constantly learn + adapt.


L+B will always celebrate and promote the creative process + will be a place where design + quality are paramount


L+B has been a long time in the making, from dream to reality. This wonderfully crazy circus involves an ever increasing cast + support.

Behind the scenes, we find husband + wife creative team, Chris + Esther. Collectively, they have over 40 years of art + design experience between them, both in industry + education. They have created a strong brand identity + a stunning shop environment.

Along with @adamirwinuk + @nafftastic on loan from @splinterdesign , their ‘homage’ to New Brighton is a range of contemporary souvenirs that capture the history + humour found on the peninsula.

Front of house is ‘Henry the mild-mannered’ son (yes that was a reference to #HongKongPhooey #hannabarbera) retail aficionado + chief number cruncher.

In the wings is honorary family member, Guru of everything + all round good guy Robin who is (beautiful social media content + our website wouldn’t have happened without you)

And finally, our Key LOCAL Players that we need to thank since our circus first came to town…

OUR CUSTOMERS – those of you who stepped through our portal + gave us a warm welcome, hope + support + filled your loyalty cards!

@literallyBooks – Pete + Cathy, the much adored mad Aunt + Uncle figures everyone needs in their life.

@steillustrates – Thank-you for our range of beautifully illustrated Cocktail greetings cards

And our very first believers…

@Thewomensorg             LIVERPOOL

@busybeecrochet            LIVERPOOL

@jesscollinge                   LIVERPOOL

@toucantango                 NEW BRIGHTON

With all that said, the show must go on so we're off to train the Shop Seagulls, Siddo + Tony Feathers. You’ll hear more from this cheeky duo in the coming months.

Shop the L+B collection here.




Esther Beer