St Eval Tin Candles

St Eval Tin Candles

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From humble beginnings 25 years ago on their farm in North Cornwall, to the company we now know today, the St Eval Candle Company has always maintained their wonderfully natural + traditional methods in order to create fantastically fragrant artisan candles that will fill your home with smells you won't forget.

After stocking them here at Lavender and Bone, we've found a selection we adore, + think you will too! The smell of potent Embers, fresh Lavender, lovely Pure Peony, invigorating Sea Salt, then the two calming mixtures of Tranquillity (lavender, orange + ylang ylang) + Sensuality (nutmeg, citrus fruits + vibrant ginger).

  • Organic and traditionally crafted by St Eval Candle Company, North Cornwall

  • Made from a mixture of mineral + vegetable waxes

  • Burn time: approx. 45 hours

  • 8cm x 8cm

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